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Bumbershoot @ Seattle Center, Seattle, WA

Show date: August 31st – September 2nd, 2013
Supported by: Check the full line-up here

You might be under the impression that, after eight consecutive years of attending the same music festival and operating a blog that deconstructs the massive line-up, I might be tired of talking about Bumbershoot by now. But I feel the need for closure so here it is, the last I’ll write about Bumbershoot until 2014

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My final post for The Bumbershoot Project 2013 edition. Thank you all for reading and check back next year for the 2014 lineup! 

Beat Connection
Electronic, indie pop
Seattle, Washington
Called in as a last minute replacement for Icona Pop, Seattle’s indietronica darlings Beat Connection are a lovely fill-in. A few summers ago, “In The Water” was a regional hit and their latest LP, The Palace Garden, proved to be a step in the right direction. No doubt this will be one of their biggest shows in recent memory, but they will surely deliver on the chillaxing, harmonious ambiance they so famously create.  
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Katie Kate

Rap, pop

Seattle, Washington

When Charli XCX announced her absence at this year’s festival, I was (foolishly) concerned about where One Reel might find the same enthusiastic pop-focused energy. Katie Kate’s low-key approach to rapping is just as pop friendly as it is uniquely Seattle’s. She reps Out For Stardom, the same collective tied with Mad Rad, Fresh Espresso, and Don’t Talk To The Cops!, all of which are reputable sources of the off-kilter, but no less dope, pop-rap scene grown locally.  

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Cascadia ‘10

Afrobeat, funk

Seattle, Washington

Cascadia ‘10 provides music to answer the age-old question of what would happen if a Seattle-based band delved into rhythmic stylings of Fela Kuti. The result is reportedly called “flannelbeat”. The group is just as quick to announce their obsession with West African music as they are to admit how what they create is an homage, rather than grasping at lofty authenticity. The group has opened for Sierra Leone’s Refugee All-Stars and Garaj Mahal, and now they take on Bumbershoot.

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Red Jacket Mine

Power pop, rock ‘n roll soul

Seattle, Washington

Chances are pretty good that you’ve read band bios that state how difference and uniqueness are their ultimate goal and then, several seconds later, the music you hear is contrary to that. Red Jacket Mine are one of the few exceptions to this rule. They honestly do morph between soul jams and the same laid back cool that immortalized Elvis Costello. 

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Hot Bodies in Motion

"Soulful swagger"

Seattle, Washington

Have you ever listened to Alex Clare’s “Too Close” and wished for it to ditch the overdone dubstep veneer to really, truly let his voice be heard? If the answer is yes, Hot Bodies in Motion are definitely up your ally. They thrive between old-school soul and modern pop, but do it with an energy that feels distinctly genuine. Also, they have a great new EP out that you definitely need in your life.

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Mark Pickerel and His Praying Hands

Indie rock, alternative country

Ellensburg, Washington

As a former member of Screaming Trees, a well-loved grunge band that made Seattle their home from the late eighties on, you might expect Mark Pickerel to have a gritty edge to him. While it may not be completely gone, this new group is inoffensive and upbeat, and speaks to his growth as an artist more than anything. 

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Saint Paul de Vence

Indie, folk

Seattle, Washington

Band leader, Benjamin Doerr, began Saint Paul de Vence as a songwriting project, largely inspired by his grandfather’s life fighting among the ranks of the Free French Forces in World War II. Accordingly, the music created by Saint Paul de Vence considers war, youth, and oblique nostalgia all the same. They point toward wine and vintage instruments as further inspiration to their music and have achieved notable success on KEXP and locally. 

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Aurelio & Garifuna Soul

"Born in the tiny coastal hamlet of Plaplaya on Honduras’ Caribbean coast, Aurelio may be one of the last generations to grow up steeped in Garifuna tradition, a rich legacy that encompasses the African and Caribbean Indian roots of his ancestors. A protege of Afropop legend Youssou N’Dour and a masterful performer and global music ambassador, Aurelio released his latest album stateside through the Sub Pop imprint Next Ambience." - from


Indie rock

Anacortes, Washington

I imagine a majority of the crowd at BellaMaine will have learned of their existence from KEXP. Earlier this year, I  must’ve heard them played on that radio station at least daily, if not more, and seeing them on the Bumbershoot lineup seems like the perfect synergy (gross, gross, sorry, ew) between two local establishments that champion local artists. BellaMaine are a four-piece that write melodious, easy going indie rock and their set will be perfectly lovely.

Coolest merch: Anxious Face Crewneck 

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